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Eleanor Clark
Award–winning Author,
Motivational Speaker, and Scout Advocate

Born the daughter of a Texas sharecropper and raised in the Great Depression, Eleanor was a female pioneer in crossing economic, gender, educational, and corporate barriers. She was an executive for one of America’s most prestigious corporations, and later founded her own highly successful consulting firm.

After retiring, Eleanor was active in church, community, and civic organizations. However,  her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and she found herself being a “24/7″  caregiver until his advanced stages of this dreadful disease took him to the nursing home.

To ease the gnawing pain of loneliness, she attended a 32-week bible study, and after the study, she accepted the call to write children’s books. Needing additional writing skills, at age 73 she decided to go back to college and take writing courses, and in 2006, her first book in The Eleanor Series was published. Six more books were added to that series in 2007, and a whirlwind marketing campaign began. Her eighth book, The Legacy of Lord Baden-Powell was released in 2010. It has opened doors across America.

Eleanor’s extensive nationwide PR campaign incorporated television, radio, book signing, and speaking engagements, as well as an appearance in New York City live on Fox and Friends as a Scout Advocate to promote her book to approximately five million viewers.

Becoming an award-winning author has given Eleanor a platform to speak at Scout events, churches, libraries, and civic organizations. As a motivational speaker, her passion is to inspire others. And one of the greatest thrills of her life is when a testimonial comes from a reader who has accepted Jesus as their savior after reading one of her books.

Eleanor is a native Texan and is the matriarch of a family of five children, 17 grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren. She and her late husband, Lee, had 58 years of wedded bliss.

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I thought you guys/gals might be interested in seeing the Author Note in my book, Sleigh Belles. The book is dedicated to my good friend, Eleanor Clark, a relative of Lord Baden Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts.

I could not write this story about the suffragette movement without mentioning my good friend, Eleanor Clark, to whom the book is dedicated. Eleanor is an octogenarian, full of life and pizzazz. She is an author, motivational speaker, and matriarch of a large, vibrant family in Central Texas. Eleanor also happens to be a distant relative of Lord Baden Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts. Hence, the reference in this story.
Eleanor has been a strong influence for Christian women, taking a stand for women’s rights, but carefully balancing them with her role as a wife and mother. Like the heroine in this story, she keeps her eye on the delicate line between the two and also understands the need to keep God at the forefront. She is truly the epitome of a modern day suffragette, inspiring and filled with faith. Hats off to such a great example for today’s Christian women! Eleanor, I love you! You continue to inspire me