April Showers Bring May Flowers

Join me on another stroll down memory lane as we celebrate the memories that made my books, The Eleanor Series and Lord Baden-Powell, spring to life!flowers

Do you remember the saying, “April Showers Bring May Flowers?”

When I was in the third grade my family moved from the dairy farm into the small town of Mexia, TX. Mother explained to me that I should not worry about moving away from my friends, because I would make new friends.Quicklrosesy, I became friends with Helen Bain, the girl who lived across the street from me.  Both of our mothers enjoyed growing flowers.  sweet peaMrs. Bain grew sweet peas for the florist. (Back in the 40s most girls wore sweet pea corsages to their proms.) Mother grew roses, dahlias, and daisies. Since our mothers were successful at growing flowers, Helen and I thought we could grow flowers, too.

daisiesWe cultivated a large circular piece of ground and planted many varieties of flowers. After they bloomed, we would share them to our elderly neighbors. Today, I still grow roses for my shut-in friends.flower garden

My granddaughter, Chelsea Marie, isn’t happy about the fact that her family is getting ready to move all the way across the country. When her grandmother shares with Chelsea the story of Katie Sue, (whose real name was Caroline Matilda) a young girl who had to leave her best friend when they traveled by wagon train with her family from Tennessee all the way to Texas in the 1800s, Chelsea Marie learns that she can truly trust the Lord with all of the changes in her life, even the really big ones.

A Note from Eleanor:

The third book in the Eleanor Series is Katie Sue: Heading West

This set of fictional books is based on the true-to-life stories of my family’s history, and these heart-warming stories span generations, are historically accurate and highlight the nation’s Christian heritage of faith.

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