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Making memories for my children and grandchildren have always been important to me. I invite you on a journey “down memory lane” as we look at timeless truths of faith and love of God, home, and country together.

~Eleanor Clark

The Eleanor Series Makes History Come Alive

Erin Rachel, who is my granddaughter, age 10, 5th grader at Fairfield Inter. School, is writing a story, the inspiration from which came from your books. I bought some of them when I met you at Golden Circle a few years ago, at Calvary Baptist Church. She is very inspired by your books and loves how you have taken your history and made it more »

Getting To Know Eleanor Clark

by Cathy Bryant Born the daughter of a Texas sharecropper and raised in the Great Depression, Eleanor was a female pioneer in crossing economic, gender, educational, and corporate barriers. An executive for one of America’s most prestigious ministries, Eleanor later founded her own highly successful consulting firm. After retiring and moving to central Texas, Eleanor more »