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New York


The Lady Lifts High Her Torch to the Sky! Memories! I shall never forget how excited I was the first time that I visited New York City and sailed around the harbor to Ellis Island. There stood Lady Liberty lifting high her torch to the sky. This magnificent scene reminded me of my childhood when more »



This week we continue our stroll down memory lane. I’m enjoying this so much, and hope you are too! One of my greatest memories was when my first grandchild was born. Jennifer Jean Clark was a beautiful baby girl with brown hair and great big brown eyes. When the news came that I would become more »

Coming Soon!


A new series called “In the Trunk,” to be featured on my “Down Memory Lane” blog… I will be sharing with you the story of a very special family heirloom and the part it has played in many of my most cherished memories. In next weeks entry of the upcoming series I will share with more »