Getting To Know Eleanor Clark

by Cathy Bryant

Born the daughter of a Texas sharecropper and raised in the Great Depression, Eleanor was a female pioneer in crossing economic, gender, educational, and corporate barriers. An executive for one of America’s most prestigious ministries, Eleanor later founded her own highly successful consulting firm.

After retiring and moving to central Texas, Eleanor was active in Church, Community, and Civic organizations.  However, her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and she found herself being a 24/7caregiver until his advanced stages took him to the nursing home.

To ease the pain of loneliness, she attended a 32-week bible study, and on July 31, 2005, she accepted the call to write Children’s books.  Needing additional writing skills, at age 73, she decided to go back to college and take writing courses, and in 2006, her first book was published.  In 2007, six books were published and her latest, the eight book, The Legacy of Lord Baden-Powell will be released in May, 2010.

While researching her family’s rich American history, Eleanor, conceived the idea for two series, The Young Men of Honor Series and The Eleanor Series. Eleanor’s passion for Scouting, history, and the appreciation of her American and Christian heritage comes to life in her novels. A mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother to Boy Scout members, Eleanor’s first book in The Young Men of Honor Series is entitled The Legacy of Lord Baden-Powell and commemorates 100 year’s of Scouting in America.

The Eleanor Series won three national awards: Eleanor Jo: A Christmas to Remember won the 2007 National Indie Excellent Award in Children’s fiction, and Melanie Ann: A Legacy of Love was awarded as a finalist. Sara Jane: Liberty’s Torch took second place in the American Christian Fiction Writers YA 2008 Book of the Year Awards.

Motivated by her family lineage, which had been traced back to the early 17th century, an idea immerged: the legacy left by her ancestors provided the perfect tool to reach today’s children with the timeless truths of patriotism, godly character, and miracles of faith.  Through her own family’s stories, she instills in children a love of God and country, along with a passion for history.

Each story in the Eleanor Series focuses on a particular character trait and is laced with the pioneering spirit of one of Eleanor’s true-to-life family members.  These captivating stories span generations, are historically accurate, and highlight the nation’s Christian heritage of faith.

Becoming an author has given Eleanor a platform to speak to children, and one of the greatest thrills of her life is to speak to  children at elementary, Jr. High and High schools, churches, scout troops, libraries, and community and civic organization.  But, the greatest thrill of all is when a testimonial comes from a young reader who has accepted Jesus as their savior after reading one of her books. She cherishes all of the emails and letters that she receives from her fans.

Eleanor is on a personal mission to recruit one million new Boy Scout members and a nation changed for the better. As a third generation Scouting grandmother, she feels training young people is the only way to reclaim our nation.

To help recruit the one million scout members, she has designed an activity badge for scouts to earn by reading her newest book, The Legacy of Lord-Baden Powell, answering the review questions and recruiting a new scout member.
Eleanor’s extensive nationwide PR campaign starts this summer and will incorporate television, and radio, book signings, and speaking engagements.

Eleanor lives in Texas with her husband of more than 57 years and is devoted to their five children, 17 grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

Eleanor can be reached at and for more information, click and/or On both websites, there is additional information and videos.

As Eleanor would put it, “With God’s help, you are never too old or too young to achieve your dream.”

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