My Mother’s Locket

Join me on another stroll down memory lane as we celebrate the memories that made my books, The Eleanor Series and Lord Baden-Powell, spring to life!

trunkOne of my favorite items in the heirloom trunk was my mother’s locket.  Many times when I felt bad, she would allow me to wear the locket that her grandfather Powell gave her when she was two years old. It was the locket that Katie Sue wore while traveling from Tennessee to Texas.

One of the times when I was wearing the locket, I lost it. locketI prayed and prayed, but never found the locket until more than 60 years later.  I had sold my mother’s home and my twin girls wanted to go through the house one more time and cherish their favorite memories.

I was busy writing Katie Sue: Heading West, but I took the time to go with them and one of my twin girls found the locket in a bucket of trash.  Immediately, I had the artist draw the locket around Katie Sue’s neck.


eleanNote from Eleanor:

Find out how the locket helped Katie Sue (whose real name is Caroline Matilda Herod) learn to trust.

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One Response to “My Mother’s Locket”

  1. Ice. In Case Of Emergency Gerrie May 22, 2013 at 2:42 am #

    Well I greatly remember finding that locket. I’m glad that iteant so much to u. You r a sweet mother and I love all ur books