The Cross is my Statue of Liberty

Let’s turn another page in my memory book, and join me as we celebrate the memories that made my books, The Eleanor Series and Lord Baden-Powell, spring to life!

Liberty’s TorchStatue of Liberty

One day while visiting the heirloom trunk that came to America in 1635, Mother showed me a picture of her father, George Wesley Herod Powell. The Powell family, being Celtic, was musically inclined and her father played the accordion every night during their family devotions.   Since hearing that story, music has always been important to me.

Other than my mother’s story about her father playing the accordion, my first introduction to music was in the first grade band where I played the blocks. Like drums, blocks were hit with drum sticks, keeping time to each beat of the lyrics.  Mother sewed my band uniform, all black and gold satin with a black top hat, and I wore it with pride, as I enthusiastically hit the blocks fortissimo-christianbookexpo_dallas.jpgly!

One of the goals in each of books that I pen is to encourage the reader to appreciate music.  When I was writing the book, Sarah Jane, Liberty’s Torch, I found an appropriate song for my book, but it was not in public domain.  The Cross is My Statue of Liberty was penned by legendary American gospel songwriter Neil Enloe. The lyrics came to him while he was singing on a boat cruise around the Hudson River along the New York City skyline. As they passed the Statue of Liberty, he was struck with the symbol of freedom that he saw there. So he thought to himself, There must be a symbol of freedom in Christ as a citizen of a greater country, the Kindom of God, and the idea of the song was born. To teach our youth, he graciously allowed the lyrics to be used in Sarah Jane: Liberty’s Torch.  

The Cross is My Statue of Liberty

In New York Harbor stands a lady,

With a torch raised to the sky;

And all who see her know she stnds for

Liberty for you and me.


I am proud to be called an American,

To be named with the brave and the free;

I will honor our glad and our trust in God,

And the Statue of Liberty.


On lonely Golgotha stood a cross,

With my Lord raised to the sky;

And all who kneel there live forever

As all the saved can testify.


I am so glad to called a Christian,

To be named with the ransomed and whole:

As the statue liberates the citizen,

So the cross liberates the soul.


Oh the cross is my Statue of Liberty,

It was there that my soul was set free:

Unashamed I’ll proclaim that a rugged cross

Is my Statue of Liberty!



Yes, the symbol is the cross where Jesus died; it reminds us that Jesus saved us when He was lifted up on the cross. In the same way, the Statue of Liberty holds up her torch, Jesus allowed himself to be held up as the sacrifice for all of our sins that day.

When I told the story to my special granddaughter, Kimberly Dawn, she could hardly believe the words to the song. Why it reminded her of Sarah Jane from beginning to end!

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Learn how Sarah Jane makes a decision to let her light shine for all the world to see. A great tool to teach our youth today!

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