The Eleanor Series Makes History Come Alive

Katie Sue Heading West

Blaze a trail with this fantastic story about a young girl heading west across the United States.

Erin Rachel, who is my granddaughter, age 10, 5th grader at Fairfield Inter. School, is writing a story, the inspiration from which came from your books. I bought some of them when I met you at Golden Circle a few years ago, at Calvary Baptist Church. She is very inspired by your books and loves how you have taken your history and made it come alive. She said she thought she could smell the awful odors of the ship in one of the scenes. She is a ardent Christian girl who loves her Lord and her family and dearly loves to read and write. Her heart’s desire is to someday meet you in person and talk with you about your stories. Her favorite book is the second, “Katie Sue Heading West”. She really connected with her, being wild and mature at the same time. Thanks for reading this and hopefully she will be as successful in life and career choice as you. Thanks again,

- Karen Rachel, one proud grandma.

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