‘Tis the Season!

christmas_sm “Tis the Season!

During this favorite holiday season, I see a lot of changes. Summer has ended all of its unbearable Texas heat, and fall is dropping its colorful leaves from the tree limbs onto the carpeted grass that is loosing its color. And winter is slowly opening its door to a welcomed fireplace where I sit in my easy chair, hugging my white fleece-lined throw with its top all vivid in a deep wine Christmas color.

As I sip hot chocolate, and breathe in the beauty of Christmas, I am reminded that it is time to re-read the timeless truths of our faith in Luke, chapter two, from the Bible, where I find the the birth of our Savior, the reason for the season! This marvelous Christmas story also reminds me of my early childhood when so many years ago my mother would read this famous passage during Christmas plays at church. “And, lo, the angel of the Lord…”

The Christmas cookies have finished baking, the wine and gold decorations are magically dangling from the ceiling-high tree. The CDs are playing traditional music, and the white decorataive lights look as if they are stars dancing down through the wintery skies from Heaven!

It is time to entertain family and friends as they trickle in from the mild Texas winter, the season where Christmas music heralds the birth of King Jesus. My favorite season of the year!

Let’s open your door to Christmas by throwing another log on the fire, grabbing your favorite cuddly, and continuing the blessed season by reading another famous Christmas classic set during the Great Depression. Instilling in children the timeless truths of faith and patriotism Eleanor Jo: A Christmas to Remember is an award-winning novel that narrates the reason for the season. And explains how to appreciate the blessings we have today, but may not have tomorrow, all through the quizzical eyes of a little Texas girl. It is a MUST read for every family during the Christmas season! To journal your traditions, there is a bonus chapter in the back of the book to do just that.

For more information about this novel and/ or to order an autographed hard copies, go to the link www.eleanorclark.com

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