Young Men of Honor Series

Taking America Back for the Better One Young Man At a Time through Scouting

Lord Baden-Powell (Young Men of Honor Series / Book 1)

The Young Men of Honor Series is a collection of adventure books for boys that instill vision and values, and a love of God, home, and country. The first book in the series is a fictional narrative — The Legacy of Lord Baden-Powel, honoring the 100th anniversary of the Boys Scouts of America. The captivating stories are laced with adventure and the pioneering spirit of Eleanor Clark’s true-to-life Powell family members and Boy Scouts.Twenty-first century readers, both young and old, are sure to relate to these amazing character-building stories while learning about the history of Scouting. Modern parents will be blessed as their children learn countless lessons from the pages of each book.

As a Scout Advocate, Eleanor Clark is on a personal mission to help recruit one million new Boy Scouts so that a nation can be changed for the better. She is a third generation Scouting grandmother and it is her passion to instill in our youth the timeless truths of faith and patriotism, and the love of God, home, and country.

Scouting is not just a club, but a way of life. That is the legacy of Lord Baden-Powell, spelled out one life at a time.