“Eleanor Clark magically weaves the story of Lord Baden-Powell’s life and Scouting’s values into a tale of today’s youth in Scouting. It is a must read for the youth of today and tomorrow. Parents considering whether or not to choose Boy Scouts for their child would greatly benefit from reading this terrific book.”
— Glenn A. Adams,
President, National Eagle Scout Association (NESA),
Eagle Scout Class of 1973

“Through Lord Baden-Powell’s time-honored traditions, Eleanor Clark captures the excitement, challenge, and skill sets of scouting in this riveting story. A great read for scouts and families from all walks of life!”
— Pete Sessions
Member of Congress (TX-32)
Eagle Scout Class of 1970

“Eleanor Clark brings to life scouting as an adventure, building skill and character for a new generation. As an Eagle Scout, I give two thumbs up for this inspiring tale!”
— Rick Perry
Governor of Texas
Eagle Scout Class of 1964

“For more than a century, scouting has shaped the lives of young people around the world through the important values it upholds and impacts. Eleanor Clark’s book captures the essence of scouting while recalling its beginnings through the character of its visionary founder. Young people everywhere will enjoy this educational and inspirational book.”
— Rex W. Tillerson
Chairman and CEO, Exxon Mobil Corporation
Eagle Scout Class of 1965

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